Something for Everyone

In adapting the ResinStack to run on hardware (blog post coming soon) some new knowledge was gained, and this is that a one size fits all solution is incredibly difficult to actually make, and the trade-offs come fast and numerous.

To this end, the ResinStack needs to change tack slightly from being a golden master image to being a set of clear templates and tools for building the system image that contains a site’s common configuration baked in. What is common configuration? Things like CA certificates, whether or not a site wants to use an external Vault for PKI, and similar customizations that would be difficult to support by other means. This leads to the logical choice then that the resulting image is not the important part of the project, but rather the clear instructions of how to build the image.

Of course its important to not introduce additional tooling, which is why the ResinStack project is pleased to release a terraform provider for linuxkit, so that the builds can be driven by terraform. The provider and more documentation can be found on the terraform registry.